DaChan captures niche market

DaChan Food (Asia) Limited is one of the largest poultry meat processors in Asia. With the help of Meyn’s Evisceration line, including MAESTRO, the firm is capitalizing on a niche market and delicacy.

Taiwan’s rich diversity of cuisines includes dishes with distinctive flavors, based on local resources and spices. One regional delicacy, Black and White Rooster’s testicles, commands up to USD 19-28.00 per kilogram in Taiwanese markets.

Dachan-May Lan Lei Enterprise (Dachan) and Meyn started discussing a new evisceration line two years ago - one that could produce high quality and undamaged products from male and female local colorful birds (1,800-4,000 grams), including the rooster’s testicles with all skin left intact.

"We visited Taiwan for several rounds of consultations with the customer and started doing on-site tests with the MAESTRO, hanging birds on the evisceration lines until we had tested and refined a reliable solution for Dachan," said Meyn's Senior Sales Manager Jacques Kramp.

Local testing showed MAESTRO did not damage the testicles during evisceration. Meyn’s 8” evisceration line impressed Dachan’s quality department, and they quickly negotiated the order. "A damaged product is useless. Our investment has helped Dachan achieve exceptional yields with almost no loss of packages. This combined with easy maintenance and low downtime provides us an extremely reliable evisceration solution, which has paid itself off as an investment tenfold,” said Dachan's Production Manager Wan Lung Cheng.

Placed in a brand new processing plant, the line is now up and operating at a capacity of 4,000 bph. Dachan has been a Meyn customer since 1989, investing in their success by sending them engineers and a dedicated project manager from the Netherlands to assist with drafting plant configurations and working with their architects to get things right the first time around.

Director and Plant Manager at Dachan Chen Fang-Yen said Meyn was the right partner.



"We knew that the quality, durability and easy maintenance of Meyn’s equipment was a certainty and this helped in the process of selecting the right supplier."
Mr. Chen Fang-Yen
Director and Plant Manager
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