Wipasz SA
Wipasz SA: A Polish success story

WIPASZ SA is a nationally renowned brand of poultry meat products in Poland and Europe. Wipasz believes that the highest quality products depend on continuous planning and improvement. The company invested in a Meyn equipped 13,500 bph facility three years ago, and the plant ran for several months without a preventative maintenance agreement (PMA). Some difficulties followed, including higher downtimes - the deciding factor in choosing a Meyn PMA.

Higher profits from knowledge sharing Meyn and Wipasz first identified requirements, and looked for an optimum method of cooperation. A long-term PMA was created and signed, including maintenance management planning, all required replacement parts, training, and technology support. Wipasz engineers work alongside Meyn specialists to ensure optimal knowledge transfer.

Continuous planning and quality improvement was made possible and profitable. Through ongoing consultation, troubleshooting, and technical diagnosis, dedicated Meyn specialists implemented comprehensive preventative maintenance that has helped to ensure exceptional output and operational excellence.

Since 2015, Wipasz’s operational downtime has decreased signifi cantly to a current level lower than 1.5%. It means major gains in labor efficiency, cost of ownership, sustainability, product quality, food safety, and of course profitability.

To date, 18 hours per shift of operational efficiency has resulted with the help of Wipasz maintenance personnel trained by Meyn’s engineers. A new greenfield project is planned, and Meyn will continue to ensure that PMAs accelerate profitability.

Preventative maintenance accelerating profitability

Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMA) aim to avoid or mitigate fi nancial consequences from equipment failure at any stage of poultry processing. Such failure can damages business profitability, staff and product safety. Identifying issues quickly, before they occur, is more important than ever for profitability.

Poultry processing is an aggressive, competitive, and round-the-clock business. Increased automation means every component of processing equipment must remain shift-ready. Meyn has been providing Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMA) worldwide for 20 years, with major benefits.

“Meyn’s Preventative Maintenance Services helped us to reduce our operational downtime significantly, to our current level below 1.5%. It has helped our business profitability exponentially, delivering a better quality end product. Now we’re expanding across Europe.”

Why undertake preventative maintenance?

• Longer machinery life

• Increased uptime

• Lower revenue losses from operational downtime

• Production of safer and higher quality products

• Reduction in machinery redundancies

• Consistently high performance and yield

• Predictable costs, with equally spreaded installments

• Increased staff knowledge and safety

"It has helped our business profitability exponentially, delivering a better quality end product."
Mr. Andrzej Wachnik
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