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Added value of Meyn training

Meyn Academy helps you to get the best out of your systems. Training is suitable when you are new to the poultry processing business or already have many years of experience. The programs are customer focused, based on your needs and wishes. We truly believe our training can be an added value to your business. Training ensures you an effective plant operation with the lowest downtime; the highest yield and product quality; and last but not least skilled and motivated staff.

Example training programs

  • Specific System & Machine – for the more complex process steps in the poultry business such as: evisceration, cut up, deboning, weighing and grading. Your staff is trained how to maintain, adjust and optimize the output of the Meyn systems. This understanding also allows them to recognize other potential problems in the slaughtering process and to deal with them effectively.
  • Train-the-Trainer – a super user group learns how to effectively train and support their colleagues on the job. As a result they are able to share their knowledge and experiences within your organization.
  • Generic Poultry Process & Product Knowledge – focus is on the slaughtering process from farming until deboning; chicken anatomy and products. Your staff is aware of the functions of Meyn systems and understands the links between the different process steps and chicken anatomy. In order to improve your overall quality this kind of insight knowledge is crucial.
  • Custom-made – typical challenges and learning objectives can be addressed in various ways depending on your needs and situation. Our skilled consultants assist you to find the right sort of training for a particular topic, system or department in your plant.

For a calender with generic product training dates, open to all our customers at all levels, contact us at:

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Meyn Academy brochure and product leaflets

Train the Trainer Process knowledge Distribution Manager
Meyn Academy Brochure Train-the-Trainer Process & Product Knowledge Distribution Manager
Live bird handling Evisceration Cut up Deboning Rapid
Live bird handling Evisceration Cut up Deboning - Rapid training