Meyn News

october 11 2017
Traditional Norfolk Poultry opens RSPCA Assured facility
  Meyn's C02 stunning system installed at TNP's new state-of-the-art facility ensures it's...
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august 30 2017
Mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses under new animal welfare plans
CCTV will be mandatory in all slaughterhouses in England under new plans announced on the 11th of...
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august 7 2017
A look inside the market for deboning and deskinning
The poultry processing market is still on the road to growth. A CAGR of 4.7% by 2020 in USA alone is...
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july 13 2017
Bachoco certifies 200 employees in poultry processing
By Arjan Dietz: Manager Learning & Development, Meyn With 64 years of experience and...
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June 13 2017
New manufacturing halls and offices for Meyn Polska
A total of 10375 sqm of production space and nearly 2000 sqm of office building was officially...
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June 12 2017
Meyn Do Brasil: New offices for a booming market
 By Fabiano Benvenutti:  General Manager of Meyn Do Brasil In May 1993, Meyn BV opened...
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June 6 2017
The Meyn Knowledge Center: A vision for the future
    Every organization – large or small – has to live in the present while...
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May 16 2017
Meyn Poland supports Stork’s Nest and the Equestrian Kashub Championship
Amateurs, especially children and young people, participated in a three day equestrian competition....
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May 5 2017
Meyn, Cabinplant and MULTIVAC agree on cooperation
Erik Blom (Managing Director, Meyn Food Processing BV)Hans-Joachim Boekstegers (CEO,...
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