Breast cap cutter

The breast cap cutter gives an exactly positioned, constant and symmetrical cut. This allows for a maximum of valuable breast meat to be left with the cap while minimising bone contamination of untrimmed filets in the form of ribs. The module can cut the ribs at variable lengths. The module is placed after the HY wing cutter.

The breast cap cutter can optionally be provided with a transfer wheel, which guides the breast caps from the module, and positions each individual cap onto a conveyor. As the caps are spaced evenly, they can be forwarded to a weighing belt without the involvement of labour or any additional mechanical support. Meyn offers several possibilities to debone the breast caps by means of (semi-) automatic breast cap machines with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 products per hour.




Product in Product dropped Product out
Whole bird without whole wing and without neck Breast cap Not trimmed saddle


  • Highly consistent and very accurate symmetric cut.
  • Very short rib length can be realised without cutting at the expense of breast meat.
  • Integrated transfer wheel to position the caps on a discharge conveyor.
  • Cut can be set according to customers' requirements.
  • Easy to by-pass without touching the product.