Front half cutter

The front half cutter accurately separates the front half from the griller. Similar to the breast cap cutter, this machine is easy to clean. It produces untouched fillet oysters intact, symmetrically and accurately cut. The front half cutter is usually installed after the HY wing cutter. Meyn offers the possibility to further process the front half on either a cone deboning conveyor or by means of (semi-) automatic front half filleting machines (up to 6,000 products per hour). Controlled transfer to a conveyor is possible.




Product in Product dropped Product out
Whole bird without wings Front half without wings Trimmed saddle
Whole bird with wings Front half with wings Trimmed saddle


  • Highly consistent and accurate symmetric cut.
  • Very short rib length can be realised without cutting at the expense of the oyster.
  • Cut can be set according to customers' requirements.
  • Easy to by-pass without touching the product.