Drum/thigh separator

The drum/thigh separator is installed in a 180 degrees angle of the overhead conveyor. The module cuts through the joint, producing either a drumstick and an anatomical thigh or a drumstick and a thigh quarter. Both drums and thighs are fixed during cutting. The drums continue in the shackle, the thighs are released in a controlled manner and can be transferred directly to a synchronised weighing, grading/batching or packing system.

Product spacing and indexing is realised without the involvement of labour or any additional mechanical support. This direct transfer permits tracking, leading to full traceability.

In case whole legs (anatomical or quarters) are required, the drum/thigh separator will be by-passed.


Product in Product dropped Product out
Leg quarters Thigh without back bone,
chops (2 pieces)
Drumsticks (2 parts)
Anatomical legs Anatomical thighs (2 pieces) Drumsticks (2 parts)


  • Extremely consistent and accurate symmetric cut through knee joint due to precut and stretch unit.
  • Drumstick and thigh meat completely covered with skin suitable for tray pack.
  • Unique clamping mechanism, resulting in controlled dropping of thighs.
  • Hydraulic height adjustment.
  • Easy to by-pass without touching the product.