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Meyn Global Services

Our Meyn Global Services philosophy ‘Close to you’

Live bird handling

As soon as broilers are ready to be slaughtered, they will be gathered, put in crates or containers and transported from the broiler houses to the processing plant.


The slaughtering department has to deliver a clean product ready for evisceration and further processing. The Meyn slaughtering equipment not only realises this clean, high quality product, but does so with an absolute minimum of energy and labour requirements.


The ongoing mechanisation of the evisceration department has a profound impact on poultry processing.

Cut up

In today's market flexibility and product quality are key issues. Poultry processing plants require systems that are efficient, flexible and that will cut to specification.


Meyn's highly efficient deboning systems support the poultry processing industry in realising the right quality product and to satisfy the growing demand for deboned poultry meat.