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Meyn WORLD Magazine is published twice per year. The bi-annual publication includes news from the poultry processing community and industry and also includes information about Meyn's latest products and solutions. To receive your free copy of Meyn WORLD in print,  simply fill out the contact form for delivery to your location by post. Thank you for subscribing and enjoy!


MeynWorld 2 2017

  • Animal welfare
  • Traditional Norfolk Poultry
  • A glance inside Pakistan's poultry processing industry
  • Meyn LEAP concept
  • Meyn Poland: A flourishing industry and local community

MeynWorld 1 2017

  • NEW: Rapid breast deboner M4.0
  • Training at Bachoco
  • New offices for Meyn do Brasil
  • Meyn global services
  • Cabinplant - innovators from Denmark

Meyn News september 2016

  • Meyn Global Services
  • Technology Services
  • Meyn Demonstration & Training centre
  • Poultry processing trends and relations
  • Meyn worldwide

MeynNews CFIA 2016

  • Qualité supérieure et bien-être des animaux avec le système d’anesthésie multiphases au CO2 de Meyn
  • Optimisez vos résultats d’échaudage et réalisez des économies d’énergie grâce à l’échaudoir jetstream de Meyn
  • Solution de désosse des hauts de cuisses Meyn TDS M1.0


  • Meyn technology services
  • Optimize your scalding result
  • Grupo Melo completes expansion for full flexibility in end products
  • The new Meyn TDS thigh deboning solution M1.0 

MeynNews 1 2015

  • Improved tail feather puller
  • Frisia Food
  • Meyn Mags automatic giblet harvesting solution
  • Back meat harvesting solution for Rapid Plus breast deboner M3.0
  • Meyn Technology Services
  • Meyn worldwide

MeynNews 2 2014

  • Multistage CO2 stunning system
  • Bird counter vision M1.0
  • Scandi Standard invests with Meyn
  • Rapid Plus breast deboner M3.0
  • Meyn-Ishida Rotobatcher
  • Extensive training for Almarai
  • Meyn worldwide

MeynNews China 2014

  • Meyn at China
  • Multistage CO2 stunning system
  • Meyn drawer system
  • Jet stream scalder
  • Maestro eviscerator
  • Cut up
  • Deboning
  • Qingdao Nine Alliance
  • Baoquanling

MeynNews 1 2014

  • Multistage CO2 stunning system
  • Footpad inspection system
  • Maestro eviscerator 20 units
  • Leg deboning solution
  • mLogic distribution manager M5.0
  • Flex grader
  • Meyn Training Centre
  • Meyn worldwide

MeynNews 1 2013

  • Improved quality and animal welfare with Meyn’s multistage CO2 stunning system.
  • Optimize your scalding result and save energy with the Meyn jet stream scalder.
  • Smaller Maestro eviscerator combines reduced footprint with excellent evisceration result
  • Maximum yield with new Meyn high yield leg processor, FCF model.
  • Wall-to-Wall solutions by Meyn.
  • The Meyn Rapid HQ for maximum flexibility and optimum yield.
  • New Meyn leg deboning solution makes deboning of whole legs even more attractive.
  • BoneScan 440 ADX , food safety combined with ease of operation.
  • Meyn-Ishida: reducing give away to maximize your profitability.
  • Your maintenance fully transparent, predictable and manageable for guaranteed efficiency.

MeynNews 2 2012

  • Meyn celebrates grand opening.
  • First Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system for broilers.
  • Jet stream scalder programme extended with wide model.
  • Meyn introduced the Meyn Footpad inspection system.
  • Rapid HQ's new functionalities increases flexibility in end products.

Special AgroProdmash 2012

  • CTB new owner of Meyn.
  • Official opening new Meyn Head Quarters.
  • New Rapid HQ functionalities.
  • Joint project Miratorg and Meyn-Ishida.
  • Healthy Farm doubles production capacity with Meyn-Ishida.

Special VIV China 2012

  • Meyn's succesful development in China.
  • Multi stage gas stunning.
  • CP Group invests in automated evisceration.
  • New Rapid HQ functionalities.
  • Qindao Chia Tai initiates automatic cut up and deboning.
  • Meyn opens service company in China.

MeynNews 1 2012

  • Meyn-Ishida: Wider vision. Stronger focus. Smarter solutions.
  • Wipasz selects Meyn-Ishida for major poultry processing project in Poland.
  • Meyn introduces the Meyn multi stage gas stunning system.
  • Meyn introduces footpad inspection system.
  • Rapid HQ breast deboner; 3.000.000 birds per day.

Special Latin America

  • Meyn-Ishida: two market leaders join forces to deliver what others promise:
  • Meyn-Ishida: fully integrated poultry processing solutions.
  • Compact cut up system.
  • Food servicer cut up system.
  • Physic HS cut up system.

Special VIV Russia 2011

  • Meyn-Ishida: two specialists, two market leaders, one solution.
  • Jet stream scalder for optimum scalding.
  • Maestro eviscerator.
  • Rapid HQ breast deboner: New automatic fillet harvester!
  • Meyn-Ishida alliance at OOO Pticefabrika Valuiskaya.
  • Meyn's success in Russia.

Special VIV Asia 2011

  • Highest revenue with Meyn's deboning solutions.
  • Whole leg deboner and Rapid HQ deboner.
  • Cut up and deboning solutions.
  • Compact cut up system.
  • Food servicer cut up system.
  • Physic HS cut up system.