The MeynNews is the magazine with product news and market stories, issued by Meyn on a regular basis. The issues of the MeynNews can now be read online using an attractive viewing tool. The MeynNews is now also iPad compatible.

Meyn News september 2016

  • Meyn Global Services
  • Technology Services
  • Meyn Demonstration & Training centre
  • Poultry processing trends and relations
  • Meyn worldwide

MeynNews CFIA 2016

  • Qualité supérieure et bien-être des animaux avec le système d’anesthésie multiphases au CO2 de Meyn
  • Optimisez vos résultats d’échaudage et réalisez des économies d’énergie grâce à l’échaudoir jetstream de Meyn
  • Solution de désosse des hauts de cuisses Meyn TDS M1.0


  • Meyn technology services
  • Optimize your scalding result
  • Grupo Melo completes expansion for full flexibility in end products
  • The new Meyn TDS thigh deboning solution M1.0 

MeynNews 1 2015

  • Improved tail feather puller
  • Frisia Food
  • Meyn Mags automatic giblet harvesting solution
  • Back meat harvesting solution for Rapid Plus breast deboner M3.0
  • Meyn Technology Services
  • Meyn worldwide

MeynNews 2 2014

  • Multistage CO2 stunning system
  • Bird counter vision M1.0
  • Scandi Standard invests with Meyn
  • Rapid Plus breast deboner M3.0
  • Meyn-Ishida Rotobatcher
  • Extensive training for Almarai
  • Meyn worldwide

MeynNews China 2014

  • Meyn at China
  • Multistage CO2 stunning system
  • Meyn drawer system
  • Jet stream scalder
  • Maestro eviscerator
  • Cut up
  • Deboning
  • Qingdao Nine Alliance
  • Baoquanling

MeynNews 1 2014

  • Multistage CO2 stunning system
  • Footpad inspection system
  • Maestro eviscerator 20 units
  • Leg deboning solution
  • mLogic distribution manager M5.0
  • Flex grader
  • Meyn Training Centre
  • Meyn worldwide

MeynNews 1 2013

  • Improved quality and animal welfare with Meyn’s multistage CO2 stunning system.
  • Optimize your scalding result and save energy with the Meyn jet stream scalder.
  • Smaller Maestro eviscerator combines reduced footprint with excellent evisceration result
  • Maximum yield with new Meyn high yield leg processor, FCF model.
  • Wall-to-Wall solutions by Meyn.
  • The Meyn Rapid HQ for maximum flexibility and optimum yield.
  • New Meyn leg deboning solution makes deboning of whole legs even more attractive.
  • BoneScan 440 ADX , food safety combined with ease of operation.
  • Meyn-Ishida: reducing give away to maximize your profitability.
  • Your maintenance fully transparent, predictable and manageable for guaranteed efficiency.

MeynNews 2 2012

  • Meyn celebrates grand opening.
  • First Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system for broilers.
  • Jet stream scalder programme extended with wide model.
  • Meyn introduced the Meyn Footpad inspection system.
  • Rapid HQ's new functionalities increases flexibility in end products.

Special AgroProdmash 2012

  • CTB new owner of Meyn.
  • Official opening new Meyn Head Quarters.
  • New Rapid HQ functionalities.
  • Joint project Miratorg and Meyn-Ishida.
  • Healthy Farm doubles production capacity with Meyn-Ishida.

Special VIV China 2012

  • Meyn's succesful development in China.
  • Multi stage gas stunning.
  • CP Group invests in automated evisceration.
  • New Rapid HQ functionalities.
  • Qindao Chia Tai initiates automatic cut up and deboning.
  • Meyn opens service company in China.

MeynNews 1 2012

  • Meyn-Ishida: Wider vision. Stronger focus. Smarter solutions.
  • Wipasz selects Meyn-Ishida for major poultry processing project in Poland.
  • Meyn introduces the Meyn multi stage gas stunning system.
  • Meyn introduces footpad inspection system.
  • Rapid HQ breast deboner; 3.000.000 birds per day.

Special Latin America

  • Meyn-Ishida: two market leaders join forces to deliver what others promise:
  • Meyn-Ishida: fully integrated poultry processing solutions.
  • Compact cut up system.
  • Food servicer cut up system.
  • Physic HS cut up system.

Special VIV Russia 2011

  • Meyn-Ishida: two specialists, two market leaders, one solution.
  • Jet stream scalder for optimum scalding.
  • Maestro eviscerator.
  • Rapid HQ breast deboner: New automatic fillet harvester!
  • Meyn-Ishida alliance at OOO Pticefabrika Valuiskaya.
  • Meyn's success in Russia.

Special VIV Asia 2011

  • Highest revenue with Meyn's deboning solutions.
  • Whole leg deboner and Rapid HQ deboner.
  • Cut up and deboning solutions.
  • Compact cut up system.
  • Food servicer cut up system.
  • Physic HS cut up system.