Mr Claudiomiro Danieli

'Automation is the best possible defense in our battle for success.'

“Keeping up our business continuity and profitability is increasingly difficult. High feed prices, new regulations for hygiene and animal welfare purposes, expensive labor; we are facing the very same challenges here in South America as in any other country in the world. At the same time, it is becoming really difficult to find employees that are actually willing to work in a slaughterhouse. And even if we do find them, they will probably have left before they even have mastered the work.

In our opinion, automation is the best possible defense in our battle for success. Meyn has provided us with high-end automated solutions, which make us so much less dependent on factors we cannot influence anyway. They save us a lot of labor costs as well. Additionally, automated processes deliver a constant high yield. Adding it all up, we are convinced that automation will continue to be our key to a successful future.”

Mr Claudiomiro Danieli
Owner of Agrodanieli Ind. e Comércio Ltda., BRAZIL

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