Evgeny Sergeevich Narukov

'Integration is the key to success'

“Healthy Farm is the largest agro-holding in the Urals. In 2013, we will produce 150,000 tons of broiler, 600 million eggs, 30,000 tons of refined meat products and 25,000 tons of pork per year. The Russian market is very ambiguous at the moment. The average income of consumers is rising and as a result the consumption of poultry meat is increasing. On the other hand, the high development rates of poultry farming intensify internal competition. Only the companies with the lowest production costs, the best automation and the highest labor efficiency are able to survive.

Thanks to the exceptionally flexible solutions developed by Meyn, together with their business partner Ishida, we manage to do pretty well in the Russian market. In fact, we are about to open our second Greenfield production facility. From the entrance of live birds to the distribution of high-quality end products, all the steps in the production process are fully integrated. This considerably reduces give-away and improves the overall quality of our products. Which, I’m convinced, is the best basis for success in this business.”

Evgeny Sergeevich Narukov
General Manager Healthy Farm, Russia

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