BoneScan 440 ADX

The Meyn BoneScan 440 ADX combines extraordinary accuracy with unequalled high capacity. The system, with an unrivaled capacity of up to 250 butterflies or 440 split fillets per minute, can replace two competitor systems, saving significantly on initial investment, operating cost, labor as well as floor space. The all new dual energy X-ray imaging technology and completely renewed analysing software guarantee detection rates of 99% or higher with a false reject rate of less than 3% on all important bone types, meeting QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) specifications.


The BoneScan has been developed to automatically detect bone fragments and other foreign bodies in meat. The core of the system consists of a conveyor belt with an effective width of 440 mm, running through an X-ray beam.The X-ray scan is performed by means of an X-ray source placed above the conveyor belt, and a sensor below the belt. This sensor consists of a belt wide matrix of X-ray sensitive electronic cells, that together produce a digital image. Scanner, controls and analysing software are integrated in one stand alone unit.

Meat products that are suspected to contain bone are automatically removed from the product flow and dropped in a bin or a conveyor for further manual inspection. All products which do not contain bone pass (belt is fully extended) through another conveyor. Rejected products can be presented to an inspector. Meyn optionally delivers an inspection table with synthetic table top with integrated back light. Another useful option is a color touch screen, presenting the X-ray image of the concerning product to the inspector. The bone is highlighted for easy localization.

Fresh breast and leg broiler meat, deboned manually or automatically, can be processed. The system is capable of handling both air and spin chilled as well as with and without skin products.


  • Unrivaled high capacity, up to 26,400 breast fillets per hour.
  • Very efficient detecting of bone and other contaminants with an extremely low percentage of false rejects.
  • Neural network analyzing software: multi level analysis of collected X-ray data, taking into account any combination of shape, size, location, gray-scale values, what it should look like or should not and where it should be or should not.
  • Easy to operate, calibrate, clean and maintain.
  • Comprehensive, database powered reporting of throughput and scan results statistics.
  • Machine started and calibrated in just 15 minutes.
  • Presentation of X-ray image with highlighted location of contamination available as option.