The Sematic giblet harvesting system automatically separates the hearts and livers from the viscera pack and discharges them in separate funnels. The viscera pack is manually placed upon dedicated transport plates prior to processing in the automatic separator.


The viscera packs are manually placed upon plates of the package preparation conveyor. This is done in such a way that the liver and the heart are each positioned separately in a slot of the plate. The rest of the viscera pack is hanging down from the back side of the plate and is supported by the corresponding pan of the pan conveyor. The hearts are positioned at a higher vertical level than the livers. Experienced loaders can process 1,500 packs per hour, independent of shackle pitch, 6″ or 8″.

In the automatic separator, the plates first pass the heart harvesting unit. Here a stainless steel separation roll gently and securely pulls off the hearts from the packages, breaking the connecting tendons and tissues. The hearts, and in many cases the lungs that are attached to the heart directly, are discharged in the heart funnel for further processing, usually a heart / lung separator.

In the second phase the viscera packs pass the liver separation unit. The liver is cut from the rest of the viscera pack using a circular blade and discharged in the liver funnel. From there, the livers can be checked on defects and quality on a liver sorting table.


  • Constant and high performance
  • No cleaning required during production
  • Integrated discharge funnels
  • Integrated safety doors
  • Short cleaning and rebuilding times
  • Capacity up to 10,000 packs per hour