April 26 2013 Your maintenance fully transparent, predictable and manageable for guaranteed efficiency

Live birds, labour and capital expenditure absorb the bulk of cash and capital, whereas yield and product quality drive profitability. Despite its relatively small contribution to operational costs, the impact of efficient management, care and professional service on a plant’s performance is phenomenal.

Only optimal line performance will give you the required competitive advantage in today’s fast changing markets. Even the smallest deviation can have an enormous impact on the company’s profitability. Meyn Global Services provides you with additional opportunities to tip the balance in your favour.

The Meyn Global Services concept guarantees you a continuously high performance and maximum uptime of your production facility. In addition, it makes your maintenance cost fully transparent, predictable and manageable.

Our Meyn Global Services concept includes round-the-clock “close to you” specialist service and support, advanced equipment maintenance programs, easy online spare parts ordering, training programs for your employees, remote diagnostics and more. It allows you to focus on your core business so that you can do what you are best at, i.e. feeding the world.


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