Multistage CO2 stunning system

Improved animal welfare was a priority when Meyn developed its new Multistage CO2 stunning system (a co-development with Praxair Inc.). Birds remain in the drawer or container during stunning, so that handling and transport of active birds is completely eliminated. This approach greatly reduces handling stress, and lowers the risk of injuring birds during the transportation process. Closed cabinet construction allows for CO2 concentration to be managed precisely at every stage of the process, resulting in a more humane stun and greatly improved end product quality.

The Meyn Multistage CO2 stunning system forms an integral part of Meyn’s live bird handling systems. Both new and existing configurations can be extended by adding this flexible and innovative option.


A configuration of container conveyors including a shuttle track supplies containers to the stunning cabinets fully automatically. Depending on container load and line capacity the system comprises one to four stunning cabinets, each of which can hold either a single or a stack of two containers. Once inside the stunning cabinet, the CO2 stunning sequence is started and the multistage process is carefully executed, ensuring a humane but irreversible stun. Upon completion of the stun cycle, the containers are automatically transported, destacked and unloaded. The Meyn system suits all relevant container types including drawer system modules.


  • Eliminates live bird handling at the plant
  • Offers unrivaled reduction in wing damage
  • Suitable for all arrival systems and capacities
  • Ensures a stable, reliable and trouble-free process
  • Option: CO2 reclaim system


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