Congreso Latinoamericano de Avicultura

September 26 - September 29 2017


Wall to wall poultry expertise at the 25TH Latin American Congress


The 25th Latin American Poultry Congress will be held in the city of Guadalajara between September 26 and 29, 2017. From the Expo Guadalajara Centre, visitors will have the opportunity to meet with breeders, exhibitors, scientists and poultry processors from across Latin America and the world.


Regional poultry processors attending the 25th Latin American Poultry Congress can find out how Meyn’s wall-to-wall solutions help poultry processing businesses succeed, and everything else in between. Product information about Meyn’s animal welfare friendly Multistage CO2 Stunning System and Jet Stream Scalder will be shared by experts in live bird handling and slaughtering – which Meyn encourages guests to take advantage of.

In addition, Meyn’s Maestro Evisceration experts will also be available on the floor this September to showcase innovations in automatic giblet harvesting, with a particular focus on the highly efficient Meyn Automatic Giblet Harvesting Solution (MAGS).

High profitability is expected from any modern cut up system in poultry processing. For this, your cut up process needs precision, flexibility, and must provide a high yield. Meyn has integrated their modules and options into a new processing line, the Flex Plus, which provides an even higher system flexibility for increased yield and profitability.

Moreover, the Rapid Plus breast deboner M4.0 can achieve speeds of 6000 front-halves/breast caps per hour, and the TDS thigh deboning solution M1.0 can process 7,200 thighs per hour. Superior yield in leg deboning is achieved with the WLD whole leg deboner M2.0, which offers Latin American poultry processors yields of up to 3,600 legs per hour.


In the Latin American market, there are plenty of opportunities for poultry processors to benefit from Meyn’s service and systems. All processing operations benefit from unrivaled expertise, which converts into profitability and success for poultry processors in Latin America.   Meyn welcomes all guests to the 25th Latin American Poultry Congress at the Expo Centre in Guadalajara, Mexico, this September 26-29 at Stand 1503.

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