Poultry India 2017

November 22 - November 24 2017


LEAP into profitability at Poultry India 2017

Are you looking to grow, but you don’t want to risk too much investment too early? Meyn's LEAP (Low Investment Expandable (semi)-Automatic Processing plant) solves this problem by offering a small initial footprint from which you progressively expand – all the way up to 13,500 bph. At Poultry India 2017 – Meyn welcomes poultry processors to find out more about this great investment opportunity.

First grow your market, then expand your plant accordingly!

  • Think big, start small.
  • Expand from 500/1,300 to 13,500 bph
  • All 500/1,300 bph machines are upgradable to 5,000 bph
  • The LEAP concept incorporates Meyn’s top-of-the-line technology at all stages
  • Start your business with minimum investment

The Meyn LEAP concept is structured around four steps in which we work with you to configure and upgrade your system as your processing capacity grows. At every stage, the focus is on building a poultry processing solution that is ideal for your operational and business objectives. It’s a uniquely ingenious and flexible approach, and the Meyn LEAP concept draws on all our poultry experience and incorporates Meyn's state-of-the-art innovations.

Competitive advantages and animal welfare  

The Meyn LEAP Concept delivers many business advantages. For instance, you can establish small plants at multiple locations. At the same time, reliability and cash flow will be dramatically improved. And the modular structure allows you to relocate systems with minimum downtime – just during a weekend.   The Meyn LEAP concept also promotes and incorporates the high standards of animal welfare and food safety and are thus in the interests of the birds, the processors, and the consumer. Virtually all ‘waste’ can be processed for added sales, while the clean and automated process reduces cross-contamination risks to a minimum.   Further, it is Meyn’s contribution to social engineering. It provides an opportunity to wet market processors to retain their traditional business and, even with their limited sources, end up rubbing shoulders with big-league industrial processors.

View Meyn's LEAP Concept presentation: Four steps to effortless growth

Start Date:  

23rd November 2017

End Date: 24th November 2017 
Location: HITEX Exhibition Complex, Hyderabad, India
Stall No:   S7-S10 in Hall #4


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