Flex grader M1.0

The Meyn Flex grader M1.0 weighs whole birds or parts at speeds of up to 235 parts per minute. The machine classifies the birds or pieces and at the same time forms batches on count, minimum weight or target weight. A highly precise loadcell with an adjustable resolution gives a very high accuracy. The completely modular design allows for easy tool-less exchanging of bins and easy expansion in the future. Integrated packing tables and/or take away conveyors complement the machine to offer a complete solution in just one single frame.

The Meyn Flex grader M1.0 reduces labor as it can be directly connected to the cut up or deboning lines. The separate high speed infeed system ensures optimal spacing of the product before it is transported onto the weighing conveyor allowing for higher speeds. Stand alone infeed conveyors with spacing indicators are also available for manual infeed of the product.

Different arm and bin designs give optimal flexibility in the handling of the product and ensures an undamaged packed product. The bins can also be equipped with pneumatic gates and push buttons so operation is not interrupted upon batch completion. An innovative algorithm derived from combination weighing technology, gives extremely accurate weighing and very low batch give-away. An intuitive touch screen with integrated camera makes it easy to use and allows the operator to upload a picture of the product to quickly identify his presets.


  • The first flighted conveyor of the high speed infeed receives the product from an operator or connected cut up or deboning line and transports the product upwards. (Optional)
  • The high speed infeed then drops the product in a second flighted conveyor which runs at double speed to ensure optimum spacing on the infeed conveyor providing maximum machine efficiency. (Optional)
  • The infeed conveyor receives the product from a high speed infeed system, an operator or a connected cut up or deboning line and passes the product on to the acceleration conveyor.
  • The acceleration conveyor accelerates the product to the speed of the weighing conveyor to minimize product movement on the weighing conveyor.
  • The weighing conveyor is mounted on top of a loadcell and the loadcell reads the weight of the product as it passes over the weighing conveyor. The computer than calculates the product’s destination based on the parameters set by the system.
  • The weighing conveyor passes the product onto the separator where a photocell picks up the product for exact synchronization.
  • Upon reaching the destination the separator arm will open up to guide the product into the bin or chute.
  • Upon completing the target weight the pneumatic gate will close or open (depending on the setting) to make the destination available again. The light on the push button will come on to indicate to the operator that a batch was finished. (Optional)
  • The operator packs the batch and pushes the button to tell the system that the destination is available again. (Optional)
  • The operator places the tray, bag or crate on the take away conveyor and is ready for the next batch. (Optional)


  • High speed infeed system
    for 50 or 235 pieces per
  • Different types of

  • Different types of
    separator arms 

  • Hygienic design

  • Integrated cleaning position

  • Quick release for easy belt change over
  • Two different weight ranges (6-1.500 grams & 30-6.000 grams
  • Configurable number of bins (4-32)
  • Single and double sided
  • Pneumatic gate and push button
  • Front or end reject bin

  • Integrated packing table
  • Integrated take away conveyor


  • Unrivaled speeds of up to 235 pieces per minute to connect directly to even the fastest cut up lines.
  • Modular design gives maximum flexibility now and in the future.
  • Different types of bins and chutes ensure the right solution for the application.
  • Integrated packing tables and take away conveyors are mounted on the same frame as the grader, significantly reducing the amount of equipment that needs to be cleaned and maintained.
  • An innovative algorithm derived from combination weighing technology gives extremely accurate weighing and very low batch give-away.