Mr Herbert Bodner

'Unequaled high quality with Meyn's multistage CO2 stunning system'

Nearly two million consumers enjoy a Wech product at least once a week. Through continuous investments, Wech Geflügel is regarded the most modern poultry processing plant in Austria. But the company’s successful philosophy has virtually remained unchanged since its foundation in 1958. Earlier this year, Wech incorporated the Meyn CO2 multistage stunning system in their facility in St Andrä im Lavanttal. MeynNews interviewed Mr Herbert Bodner, Production and Sales Manager at Wech.

What is the reason for Wech for choosing for CO2 stunning?
“Already a long time ago, we recognized the importance of organic poultry and we are one of the leading suppliers of Ja!Naturlich and other providers of organic food. In this respect we are always looking for the most animal friendly way of processing birds, which is our main reason for opting for CO2 stunning.”

What were the main reasons for opting for the Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system?
“We were looking for an animal friendly way of handling the active birds. The Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system is the only system available that completely eliminates the handling and tilting of active birds. Next to these animal welfare aspects, the system brings us considerable yield and quality benefits. Also, the working conditions of our personnel are improved.”

The Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system has been in operation since early 2014. Are you satisfied with its operation?
“Yes, we are very satisfied. We already had positive experiences with Meyn when a complete Meyn Rapid HQ was installed.”

What are the results so far?
“We are very happy with the results so far. With other CO2 systems you sometimes see reduced plucking results, but with the Meyn system this is definitely not the case. But most astounding are the meat quality improvements!”

Can you describe the improved quality results?
“The fillets, thighs and wing joints that we produce are free of blood spots and we have less broken wings then before, something we have not seen in any other system we have evaluated before we chose for Meyn. This of course very much reduces the trimming work on the fillets and allows us to produce a much higher quantity of A grade products.”

Do your customers perceive the improved quality and how did they react?
“Especially as we are confronted with an increasing number of low-cost providers from abroad, we fully understand that we can only claim our brand in the long term with superior quality.“

Wech also has other processing facilities. Are you looking at incorporating the Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system also in these plants?
“Yes, we are also looking at incorporating the system in our facility in Glanegg, where we are producing turkeys.

Would you recommend the Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system to other poultry processors?
“Definitely, if you are looking for a system to improve meat quality and animal welfare, the Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system is your best option.”

Mr Herbert Bodner
Production and Sales Manager

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