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'Grupo sada invest in Meyn EVO container system'

Grupo Sada, Nutreco’s poultry division in Spain, focuses its activities on the complete management of the entire meat chicken production cycle, from grandparent stock, hatcheries, broiler farms and processing plants, to the distribution and marketing of the final product. The company, headquartered in Madrid, consists of nine production plants, equipped with the latest technology and its commercial network covers the whole of the Spanish territory. Grupo Sada’s strategic goal is to meet end-client needs through the creation and development of leading brands in the market, such as CUK, providing the consumer with a new concept of poultry meat.

For their Lugo facility, located in the north western part of Spain, they have opted for a new Meyn EVO container system. The complete solution, fully compliant with animal welfare regulations, includes 4 and 5 tier containers, container conveyors, container tilting unit, dust collection system, hanging carrousel and container washing system. 

Grupo Sada selected the Meyn EVO container system, because of the new designed container and washing line. The new stainless steel container is stronger, has more load capacity, is easier to clean and has the lowest maintenance of any container on the market. After each round the containers are automatically washed in an extensive multi section washing line with prewash, immersion soaking, interior wash, bottom wash and final rinse sections. This results in a perfectly cleaned container combined with a very low water consumption.

Grupo Sada

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