March 24 2014 Meyn introduces new flex grader

The new Meyn Flex grader uses proven high performance weighing technology to provide a high speed operation with excellent accuracy that is able to grade poultry products to a variety of different specifications. Depending on the application, top speeds of 235 weighings per minute can be achieved allowing direct connection to any cut up system. Grading can be carried out to specified weights, minimum weight or number per batch. It can also deliver target batching with tolerances and priorities.

The Flex grader features a modular design that is suitable for any application and can easily be integrated into existing processing and packing lines and allows for future expansion. The double or single sided machine, with a minimum of four and a maximum of 24 stations, can be fitted with catch or slap arms, depending on application. The robust construction ensures reliable operation in even the harshest environments, while simple set-up operations via the touch screen, remote control and an easy-clean open frame design minimize downtime for cleaning and product changeovers.

The Meyn Flex grader provides maximum flexibility and largely reduces give away while allowing you to quickly and effectively respond to ever changing market demands.

Click here for more information on the Meyn Flex grader.

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