April 16 2014 Grupo Melo becomes more green

Grupo Melo is a large Panamanian organization with an annual turnover of 370 million USD. Not only is Grupo Melo active in the poultry processing business, they also own a variety of other business such as Agriculture, Building Materials and Pet supplies stores, Auto and Truck distribution, Agricultural and Construction equipment distribution, Fast Food restaurants across the country and have a successful real estate division.

The Melo poultry processing plant, located in the Juan Diaz province, just East of Panama City, processes 9,600 birds per hour. Products are distributed to their local supermarkets, restaurants as well as to their two further processing facilities. One of the main challenges in processing Grupo Melo was facing is the fact that they process a wide variety of birds, small and large broilers, layers as well as parent stock. This automatically means processing a very wide weight range.

“And this is exactly why we have opted for Meyn,” says Mrs Simons, director. “Meyn’s equipment has proven to process a wide weight range within one setting without compromising yield and performance. And that is what gives us our competitive advantage.”

The processing facility has been equipped with a new crate arrival system, a complete slaughtering line including jet stream scalder and a ECP evisceration line with Maestro eviscerator. Initial capacity of the plant is set to 9,600 birds per hour, but in the near future this will be expanded to 12,000 birds per hour.

Mrs Simons: “Working with Meyn feels like a partnership. That is also why we have decided to sign a three year maintenance agreement. Together we guarantee a continuously high performance and a maximum uptime of our production facility. Large advantage is also that our maintenance costs are fully transparent, predictable and manageable”.

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