October 10 2014 Meyn introduces new standard in breast deboning - Meyn Rapid Plus breast deboner M3.0

With over 200 Rapids sold worldwide, the breast deboning concept has been globally accepted and proven to be very successful. All customers truly see the benefits of this unrivaled deboning solution. It is the only solution available that can harvest all fillet and tender products automatically at the highest capacity, resulting in a significant reduction of labor costs and a minimized dependency on labor skills and availability. This assures you a guaranteed constant high quality end product.


At Meyn, we continuously strive at further improving our solutions to optimize your profitability. Therefore we now introduce the new and enhanced Rapid Plus breast deboner M3.0. This new revolutionary type of breast deboner features several new functionalities as well a modular design, allowing you to optimize your TCO and making it possible to integrate future extensions.    

Modular design and set-up - ready for the future
One of today’s market requirements is that you need to be very flexible when it comes to the end products that you make. With the day-to-day changing market demands and the huge variety of different fillet and tender products that can be made, this is especially the case in your breast deboning process. Meyn now offers a completely modular set-up of the Rapid which will allow you to optimize the required floor space and TCO as the length of the machine will depend on the incorporated functionalities. The configuration can of course be completed with integrated logistics, trimming set up, bone detection system as well as in-line weighing and batching.

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