June 27 2014 Meyn leg deboning solution makes deboning of whole legs even more attractive

The Meyn WLD whole leg deboner has found its way to customers around the world. The outstanding and consistent deboning yield combined with a product presentation that meets even the highest Japanese standards is recognized by many users as an excellent way to add value to leg products.

Whole leg precutter
This automatic machine, part of the cut up line, makes an incision over the full length of the leg, which is a requirement for proper processing in the WLD whole deboner. The precutter fully matches the line capacity of the Meyn Physic HS and can feed up to four WLD whole leg deboning machines. It replaces two to three operators per WLD, depending on the required capacity.

WLD whole leg deboner M2.0
The Meyn WLD whole leg deboner M2.0 processes left and right anatomical legs with or without skin at a capacity of 3,600 legs per hour. Besides a significant amount of labor reduction, an unrivaled high and consistent yield can be obtained without troublesome adjustments. All remaining manual activities are fast to learn, easy to execute and less stressful on the muscles and joints of the workers. This allows processors to obtain outstanding results in a short period of time and continuity is easily secured.

With the whole leg precutter and WLD whole leg deboner M2.0, custom fit conveyors and trimming tables Meyn provides a complete leg deboning solution that will boost the back half revenues in any market.

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