June 20 2014 Getting the best out of your Meyn systems and your staff!

The Meyn Training Centre enables you get the best out of your Meyn systems, regardless if you are new to the poultry processing business or already have many years of experience, The programs are customer focused, based on your needs and wishes and we truly believe our training can be an added value to your staff and your business.

Key components in all Meyn training modules are interaction and hands-on activities facilitated by an experienced specialist trainer. The combination of theory and practice guarantees a perfect learning situation. In a classroom setting, the processing lines and related machine(s) are trained in various ways, such as presentation, demonstration, simulations, quiz, writing test and group discussion. This is followed by hands-on training focusing on for example: product quality, adjustments, preventive maintenance, trouble shooting and worst case scenarios.

Available training programs:

  • System specific training module for the more complex processes in the poultry business such as evisceration, cut up, deboning, weighing and grading. These modules will teach how to maintain, adjust and optimize the output of the Meyn systems and allows participants also to recognize other potential problems in the slaughtering process and to deal with them effectively.
  • A generic poultry processing knowledge course that focuses on the slaughtering process from farming to deboning. By understanding this process and the chicken anatomy, relations between the different process steps and the Meyn systems will be made clear.
  • The Meyn train-the-trainer workshop: a super user group will learn how to train their colleagues. They will be made responsible to share their knowledge with others and ensure that they support the rest of the staff effectively on the job in the plant.
  • Customized training for any system or department upon your request. Depending on the course content, this training could take place in the facilities of the Meyn demo and training centre in Amsterdam, a Dutch processing plant, on-site at the customer’s plant, or a combination of these locations.

With the Meyn training programs you will be able to train your staff exactly fit to your needs. Our specialist trainers will be able to deal with your questions and solve potential problems in order to run your plant with a high and consistent performance. This way you are ensured of an effective plant operation with the lowest downtime, the highest yield and an optimal cost of ownership.


Click here to download the product leaflet of the Meyn training centre.


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