July 08 2014 Qingdao Nine Alliance continues their growth with Meyn

Nine Alliance is one of the leading poultry producers in China. They are based in the Shandong province and are amongst the very few companies in the Chinese poultry industry that have an export license. Japan is one of the main export markets of Nine Alliance with consumption of their fully cooked products. In terms of the supply of solutions for processing of meat, Nine Alliance mostly works with leading companies in their respective fields and their relationship with Meyn stretches back to more than ten years.

It first started with the Laixi processing plant which was equipped with a Meyn slaughtering, evisceration and weighing line. In fact, Nine Alliance was the first company in China that operated the unrivaled Maestro evisceration line. Next to this, Nine Alliance invested in two other Meyn lines at Pingdu and their HQ location in Laixi of which the most recent one dates back to 2010 and runs 12,000 birds per hour.

Nine Alliance now continues to grow by adding more markets to their export range. To facilitate the required volume growth, Nine Alliance decided to set up two new processing factories in the South of China (Guangdong and Guangxi). After careful comparison and negotiations, Nine Alliance opted for new 13,500 bph evisceration lines for both of their new factories.

Also Nine Alliance followed the trend for more automation in the poultry industry in China. Based on Meyn’s success at other Chinese processors, they decided to purchase a Physic HS cut up line, Rapid HQ deboner and D100 thigh deboner for their existing high speed facility.

Meyn is delighted to continue its fruitful co-operation with Nine Alliance and is looking forward to supporting them in their future expansion challenges.

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