August 04 2014 Shanthi Feeds operates first Maestro eviscerator in India

Shanthi logoOne of the rapidly upgrading facilities is Shanthi Feeds. Mr R. Lakshmanan, Managing Director of Shanthi Feeds, decided to double his plant capacity to 6,000 birds per hour and incorporate full automation in the evisceration department, by means of a 20 units Maestro eviscerator. Shanthi’s growth has been spectacular, starting with a 1,000 birds per hour capacity in late 2009, it will have reached 6,000 by end-2014. A six times growth in five years! During this period, Meyn has assisted Shanthi to expand slowly, through eight steps, at a pace of their own choosing and in step with the demands of their expanding market. This has enabled them to maximize return on investment and achieve this outstanding growth rate.

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