August 12 2014 Meyn CO2 stunning systems for 2 Sisters Storteboom

The Dutch plants of 2 Sisters Storteboom have decided to opt for the Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system. With a processing capacity of about nine million birds per week, the 2 Sisters Food Group is one of the largest poultry processors in Europe. One of the key focus areas of 2 Sisters Storteboom is to constantly work on improving their product quality in order to meet the needs of their customers. With growing resistance of retail chains towards dumping of live chicken, the Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system combines the advantages of the container tilting systems with the most strict customer demands.

Mr Arno Dekkers, Director Operations of 2 Sisters Storteboom: “We have seen that completely eliminating the handling of active birds results in a higher product quality and improved animal welfare. The Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system is the only solution available in the market that stuns the birds while they remain in the container, thus entirely doing away with the handling of active birds.

Besides the improved quality and animal welfare, the system has also proven to offer significant yield benefits. All products have less or no blood spots and because of the new controlled batch stunning principle up to 15% less broken wings than compared to existing CO2 stunning systems. Higher yields and less trimming work quickly pay back for the investment and operational cost. Before the end of 2014, the facility in Putten will incorporate two new systems in their existing Meyn container arrival systems. In Kornhorn, two Meyn CO2 multistage stunning systems will be part of a complete new live bird handling department. This department will furthermore consist of two automatic container systems including automatic container unloading from the truck and a container washing system. Besides the live bird handling area, the facility in Kornhorn will also upgrade their existing slaughtering department with jet stream scalders and JMD2 pluckers as well as completely revamp their evisceration department with Meyn ECP evisceration equipment.

Some of our customers are critical towards our current live dumping system. With this new system we are ready to face all future requirements as we eliminate live handling completely from our plants. Furthermore, it gives us the competitive edge we require in terms of maximizing quality and yield,” says Mr Arno Dekkers.

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