October 03 2014 Scandi Standard invests with Meyn

Scandi Standard is the largest producer of chicken in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Announced in June of 2013, this new group consists of the Swedish Lantmännen Group and the British private equity firm CapVest. Their vision is to supply premium, locally produced poultry to consumers, with a strong focus on product quality, animal care, food safety and sustainability. Their products, refrigerated, frozen and processed chicken are marketed under the strong brands Kronfågel, Danpo, Den Stolte Hane, Vestfold Fugl, Ivars and Chicky World.

The processing facility in Valla decided to expand their deboning department by adding two complete Rapid HQ breast deboners to automatically produce half filets with and without tenderloin. The Scandi Standard group now operates a total of five Rapid HQ’s in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, supplying a wide variety of high quality breast fillet products in Scandinavia.

Peter Svanekjaer Christiansen, Plant Manager of the Valla facility: “We are very happy with the two Rapid HQ breast deboners. They have allowed us to considerably increase our deboning yield. Next to this, we have also been able to strongly reduce the required labor force in our breast deboning operation.”

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