October 03 2014 Most Northern located Rapid HQ in the world for Velskaya PF

The Velskaya Poultry Factory is located about 750 km North East of Moscow in the small ancient Russian town Velsk. Founded in 1960, the company nowadays employs over 800 workers. Currently they operate a 6,000 birds per hour poultry processing line producing approximately 25,000 ton of poultry products per year. The Velskaya products are distributed to the fresh market in the vast northern Arkhangelsk region. By keeping a strong market focus, a highly experienced team and offering of a wide variety of high quality products, Velskaya is regarded a leading poultry meat supplier in this region.

Over the past few years, the Velskaya factory has undergone several modernization phases. In line with the changing market trends and increased need to produce high quality products in the most efficient way, Velskaya has invested in a new weighing system for crates in the live bird handling department, an automated weighing and grading system, a state-of-the-art Physic HS cut up line and a Rapid HQ breast deboning system. Also part of the delivery is a mLogic distribution manager M5.0, the first in the Russian Federation.

Mrs Irina Mahkova, Director of Velskaya Poultry Factory: “We have not taken this decision lightly. After a day’s testing at the Meyn Demo and training center and comparing the results with the yield of our existing equipment, it became clear to us that incorporating a Meyn Physic HS cut up line and Rapid HQ breast deboner would be the best solution. Next to the additional capacity and labor savings, it will also bring us a considerable increase in yield.


The new plant is expected to be operational by Q3 of 2014. In spite of recent upgrade, Velskaya is already looking at further expanding their meat production and to build a brand new layer slaughtering line to be running in parallel with their broiler processing line.

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