Mags 4.0 automatic giblet harvesting system

Mags 4.0

Maximize yield and reduce headcount with our newest Mags 4.0. 
The Mags automatic giblet harvesting system automatically 
removes the intestines and gall from the liver and all edible 
organs (liver, heart and gizzard) are separated.


A discharge unit is mounted on the pan conveyor, and transfers the required number of packs to the harvesting module. Packs go from the pan conveyor to a flexible indexing belt. This belt separates the packs and transports them to the harvesting module.

Individual packs fall onto a set of synthetic rollers, where the heart, liver, and intestines are pulled down and transported. The packs are suspended by the gizzards. At the end of the rollers, a transportation chain takes the gizzard from the rollers and moves it over the transport rail along the process stations.

In the first gizzard processing step, the intestines are pulled away. In the second step, the gizzard is stripped off the pack, leaving the pre-stomach attached for optimum gizzard processing. In the same motion, the heart is pulled away from the liver and transported to a lung separator unit. Finally, the liver is transported to the intestines and gall separation unit. Livers and hearts from all modules are discharged onto a common belt. The hearts are transferred to a final heart and lung separation for optimum presentation, and the livers are tumble washed and discharged onto a sorting belt or into a transport pump (depending on end product specifications). The gizzards are discharged directly into the gizzard harvester, and then peeled gizzards from all modules are collected and transported to an inspection belt.

High separation performance and optimum product presentation mean that only one operator per module is needed to sort edible livers with the highest quality.


  • Flexible configuration making optimum use of (limited) floor space
  • Modular set-up to balance capacity and investment
  • Integrable with Maestro eviscerator and third party equipment
  • Optional recovery system