February 10 2015 Maximum yield with new Meyn high yield leg processor

The anatomical leg is one of the key end products in poultry parts production. It is packed on tray or in bulk for the retail and food servicer chains. Added value options include thigh and drumstick production and deboning of thighs. The growing market for deboned whole leg meat is the latest addition to the range of products derived from an anatomical leg.

The yield of meat harvested together with the anatomical leg, combined with low bone content, is of vital importance. Meyn now introduces the all new HY leg processor for Physic. One of the unique features of the new leg processor is a self adjusting mechanism to locate and precut the groin tendons, as preparation to separate the hip joints. In a second phase, back skin and oyster muscle are consistently retained with the thigh, delivering the optimum product for further processing.

The result is a reliable and consistent process that can handle a large griller weight range between 1,000 and 2,500 grams at capacities up to 7,500 bph.

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