February 17 2015 Grupo Melo continues to expand for full flexibility in end products

In 2013, Grupo Melo, Panama started the refurbishment of its processing plant with the installation of a crate arrival system, slaughtering line and ECP evisceration line. For 2014, the company decided to include some new equipment in these departments with the installation of an electrical stimulator and a bird counter vision M1.0 in the slaughtering department.

But the expansion continues with a complete renovation of the secondary processing department which is scheduled for the second half of 2015. A new high speed weighing line including QGS quality grading system will automatically distribute the birds based on quality and weight to either the Food Servicer cut up system or Physic HS cut up line. The Food Servicer cut up system produces specific type cuts for parts that are distributed to their Pío Pío restaurants. The Physic HS cut up line features all types of modules and by-passes and will allow Melo to make all the different cuts that are required. Next to this, a Rapid Plus breast deboner including new back meat harvesting solution will be part of the expansion. The new secondary processing department will be controlled by the Meyn mLogic distribution manager M5.1 and will give full flexibility.

All produced products will be transported on belts to the packing area where they are weighed and packed in boxes. The entire packing area will be controlled by a CSB warehouse management solution which makes sure that the right products are distributed to the right channels.

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