March 04 2015 San Fernando to process traditional and KFC cuts on Meyn Food Servicer cut up system

The San Fernando company already dates back to the late forties, when Julio Soichi Ikeda started its business with 39 ducks. Over the years, the company has grown significantly and is now the market leader in poultry, eggs, pork and sausages in Peru. Outside of Peru they export their products to Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama.

San Fernando currently has a manual cut up operation, but they now wanted to automate this process. They produce both the traditional cuts as well as the KFC cuts (8+9 pieces) and have extensively compared the different options. One of their requirements was that they wanted to process both type of products on the same cut up line and the Meyn Food Servicer cut up system was the only solution available that can do this.  


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