Rapid HQ breast deboner

The Meyn Rapid HQ is a semi automatic filleting system for the deboning of breast caps and front halves on one machine with a simple and fast changeover. The unrivalled capacity of 6,000 products per hour and the low number of staff required, result in an output per man-hour which surpasses any system available. The machine has a high flexibility concerning end products; whole fillets, half fillets with tenderloins separate or attached. Tenderloins can be clipped or non clipped for extreme high quality. All end products can be fully automatic unloaded by means of several available modules. This considerably improves ergonomics and eliminates your dependency on labour availability, skill level and motivation. All produced fillets show a very high and consistent yield and a minimum of bone content.

Other aspects that favourably impact the operating costs are its small footprint and the fact that the Rapid HQ design itself is compact, straightforward and accessible. As in our other equipment, a lot of attention has been given to the Total Cost of Ownership by designing a system with a moderate number of moving parts, keeping maintenance and spare parts to a minimum.


The breast caps or front halves can be supplied in crates, cartons or straight from the cut up line onto a conveyor belt. Two or three loading operators, depending on input product, take the breasts and place them on a product carrier, which slowly passes by in front of them. Product carriers can be provided in three alternating colours (green, white and blue), therefore each operator has its own colour to handle.

Next, the product carriers take the breast through a sequence of automated deboning steps:

  • A unique deskinning principle is implemented to remove the skin from the breast. This allows for the harvesting of a high quality, undamaged skin.
  • With the proven carousel principle, the wishbone is precisely cut out of the breast, resulting in a minimum bone contamination and low meat loss with the wishbone.
  • In the same carousel, the fillet is scraped loose from the breast cage. The carousel can easily be adapted in order to optimally perform for matured products and non matured products.
  • An incising module splits the fillet in two halves if required.
  • A sequence of modules can be integrated to automatically harvest half and whole fillets without and with tenders attached. Your end product requirements decides the configuration.
  • In case of separate tender harvesting, a second carousel can be installed to automatically harvest unrivalled high quality tenders which are automatically clipped or not. The presentation of these tenders is comparable or higher to manual harvesting.
  • The keel bone harvester is available to increase the revenues of your deboning process. First, all remaining meat is removed from the keel bone. Harvesting this meat separately significantly increases the value and results in a clean keel bone cartilage. The keel bone cartilage can be harvested from the carcass which can be sold to the pharmaceutical industry or can be used as appetizer in the Asian market. 


The Rapid HQ breast deboner is a modular designed machine. Depending on your requested end products, our Area Sales manager can configure the optimum solution to answer your challenges. 

Rapid HQ overview

1 manual loading of breasts 14 product carrier washing station (after production)
2 product carrier closing station 15 HQ tender harvesting carousel
3 deskinner 16 conveyor tenders
4 product counter 17 conveyor back up tenders
5 wishbone cutting and scraping 18 static tender unloader (back up)
6 incising unit outer fillet 19 keel bone top membrane harvester
7 prescraping unit PSU, type 1 20 keel bone rest meat scraper module
8 prescraping unit PSU, type 2 21 keel bone cartilage cutting module
9 automatic fillet harvester, tender out product 22 carcass unloader
10 breast bone prescraper 23 wishbone output
11 automatic fillet harvester, butterfly tenders in 24 tender tabs output
12 incising unit inner fillet 25 reject funnel
13 static fillet/tender unloader    


  • Very high and consistent yield with a minimum of bone content.
  • Processing a large weight range products within one setting.
  • Excellent performance for both breast caps and front halves (wings off), matured and non matured products.
  • Automatic unloading of all type of end products improves ergonomics
    • Half/whole fillet, with or without tenderloins
    • Clipped or non clipped tenderloins
  • Highest output per man-hour.
  • Consistency of performance during operation.
  • Unrivalled capacity in a compact operation.
  • Easy understandable system to use and maintain.