June 04 2015 Multiple Rapids sold in Japan

The Japanese market is characterized by very high demands when it comes to end product requirements. Products should be undamaged and the meat structure has to be intact. That means that a lot of deboning operations were still performed semi-automatically on lower speeds. Now, with the Rapid, the Japanese market can benefit from full automatic breast deboning at 6,000 products per hour with fully automatic unloading of the fillet and tender products resulting in high quality end products. Results of the first installed system is a labor saving of 6 FTE per shift compared to the semi-automatic system as well as a significant increase of yield post trim. All products deriving from the solution show a high yield and are very suitable for use in e.g. yakitori products.

All Rapids have been sold through Meyn’s distributor in Japan, Prifoods Co., Ltd. Mr Yozo Tomio, Director and COO of Gordex Company Prifoods: “The Meyn Rapids’ speed, yield and end product quality have been decisive factors for our customers in opting for this solution. We have already delivered the solution to Ebisu Broiler Center. Later this year, also Marui Shokuhin Co Ltd , Wellfam Foods Okayama and Prifoods Hosoya will be equipped with the Rapid Plus breast deboner M3.0. And we are confident that more will follow.

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