TDS thigh deboning solution M1.0

The Meyn TDS thigh deboning solution M1.0 produces high quality thigh fillets with an excellent presentation from anatomical thighs. The machine separates the thighbone including the kneecap from the fillet while the oyster muscle remains firmly attached. As an option, the machine can be fitted with an integrated deskinning module to produce skinless fillets. Three capacity models are available, ranging from 3600 to maximum 7200 thighs per hour. The Meyn TDS thigh deboning solution processes left and right thighs in several weight ranges, with or without skin and regardless of chilling method.

What makes the Meyn TDS thigh deboning solution unique is that labor significantly reduces because trimming of the produced fillets is kept to a minimum. The deboning process is designed to separate the kneecaps from the fillet and also to reduce the risk on bone fragments in the fillets to a minimum.

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