The Meyn M4000 is a production control system that grades individual products in the shackle line on weight and quality and distributes the products to drop stations, single cut up machines or predefined routes in the cut up line.

The M4000 line control system incorporates the latest hardware. Core computer, field communication and interfacing have been redesigned using the latest technology available. The result is a more compact system that is more reliable, easier to install and maintain, more flexible in use and easier to adapt to future line changes.

One of the applied technologies is the field bus. By means of the field bus, a digital communication network is created, handling all data transfer between the components of the Meyn line control system, line weighers, drop stations, etc. This new way of data transfer allows for a reduction of field cabling by over 90%.

The M4000 is well known for it is outstanding reliability and up time. This is the result of the robust industrial components used in the hardware design. Even in case of a power failure, the system will not be disturbed because of the built in UPS.


With the M4000, the line operator can 'send' products that match with predefined criteria on individual weight and quality to specific locations in the line, such as drop stations, commanded rehangers or cut up modules.

Individual weight data is generated by in line weighers and weighing rehangers. Quality data is generated using a manual grading device or an automatic grading system that applies vision technology.


  • GUI
  • Database connection
  • MCI



  • Modular control system with an attractive starting price level
  • Advanced field bus technology, reducing cabling and installation time
  • Improved line control functions that are easier to understand and work with
  • Once installed, the system is easily extended or modified
  • Reduction of number of trigger wheels