Meyn Flex Plus cut up system

Ever stringent food safety regulations, a rapidly growing population worldwide and an increasing concern for adequate food processing which complies or even exceeds today’s requirements. A system that can deliver solutions to these challenge is needed.

A high profitability is expected from any modern cut-up system in poultry processing. For this it needs to cut precise, work flexible and provide a high yield. Meyn has integrated their modules and options into a new processing line, the Flex Plus, which provides an even higher system flexibility for increased yield and profitability.

The Flex Plus is a modular set-up and system design which enables an optimum use of the floor space taking individual processing into account. A variety of product types is achievable supported by an automated camera inspection for the visual grading and an inline weighing process. With a handling capacity of 7,500 birds per hour and an overall higher than 95% A-grade cut quality, the Meyn Flex Plus cut-up system sets a new standard in industrial poultry processing.