Quality grading system


The Meyn QGS (quality grading system) classifies the birds based on different types of characteristics in combination with its occurrence on the bird. The customer can determine the grade of each quality level per bird part and per typical defect. The destination of the bird is controlled by the Distribution Manager M5 based on quality and weight. The whole bird can be dropped in a certain bin or sent to a cut up line and a by-pass can be activated based on the quality and weight of the whole bird.


The Meyn Quality Grading System is designed for grading whole birds, hanging with two legs in a shackle. The system captures an image of the bird and inspects it on the presence of defects. Systemet kan brukes med kun en frontkamera eller en kombination af front og back kamera.

  • The camera system recognizes defects based on color differences for whole birds
  • A maximum of seven different grades can be defined, the whole bird is determined in one quality grade
  • I kombinasjon med en Distribution Manager M5-system, kan bestemmelsen om fugler kontrolleres på basis af kvalitet og vægt
  • Statistics are recorded in a MBD file, which can be read using Microsoft
  • Toegangsgegevens kunnen worden getoond en opgeslagen per flock, de flockverandering kan manueel of gebaseerd op voorgeprogrammeerd aantal per flock


  • High resolution images allow for more accurate identification of defects and cosistent grading results.
  • Quality grading on breast and back possible.
  • Absolute and reproducible critical limits, no daily or weekly learning procedures required, virtually maintenance free operation.
  • Statistics can be stored and shown real time.