Rapid Plus breast deboner M4.0

Rapid Plus M4.0
With over 200 Rapids sold worldwide, the Rapid breast deboning concept has been globally accepted and proven to be very successful. All customers truly see the benefits of this unrivaled deboning solution. It is the only solution available that can harvest all filet and tender products automatically at the highest capacity, resulting in a significant reduction of labor costs and a minimized dependency on labor skills and availability.

With the new generation Rapid Plus breast deboner M4.0 is coming with an increased capability for weight range management for front halves up to 1,700 grams. Breast caps and front halves can be processed within the same concept. Automated breast deboning with the Rapid Plus breast deboner M4.0 means significant labor reduction of up to 28 FTE per shift and provides undamaged back meat harvesting up to 35 gram per bird.

Through its proven carousel principle, the Rapid Plus breast deboner processes 6,000 front halves or breast caps per hour and is suitable for matured and non-matured poultry. Multiple operating options enable a wide range of end products, with excellent presentation for wings, fillets and tenderloins. Preset touch buttons allow the adjustment of critical settings effortlessly and instantly when product weights change.


The breast caps or front halves can be supplied in crates, cartons or straight from the cut up line on a conveyor belt. Two or three loading operators, depending on input product, take the breasts and place them on a product carrier which slowly passes by in front of them.

Next, the product carriers take the breast through a sequence of automated deboning steps:

  • A unique deskinning principle is implemented to remove the skin from the breast. This allows to harvest a high quality, undamaged skin.
  • The back meat harvesting solution automatically removes the back skin and back meat from the front half carcass, separately from the fillet. This reduces trim loss, increase the yield and saves on trim labor.
  • With the proven carousel principle, the wishbone is precisely cut out of the breast, resulting in a minimum bone contamination and low meat loss with the wishbone.
  • The breast fat rim remover removes the fat rim automatically from the fillet which reduces trim losses (only applicable in combination with air chilling).
  • In the same carousel, the fillet is scraped loose from the breast cage. The carousel can easily be adapted to optimally perform for matured products and non-matured products.
  • An incising module splits the fillet in two halves if required.
  • A sequence of modules can be integrated to automatically harvest half and whole fillet without and with tenders attached. The end product requirements decides the configuration.
  • In case of separate tender harvesting, a 2nd carousel can be installed to automatically harvest unrivalled high quality tenders automatically clipped or non-clipped. The presentation of these tenders is comparable or higher to the manual harvesting.
  • The keelbone harvester is available to increase the revenues of the deboning process. First, all remaining meat is removed from the keelbone. Harvesting this meat separately increases the value significantly and results in a clean keelbone cartilage. The keelbone cartilage can be harvested from the carcass which can be sold to the pharmaceutical industry or used as appetizer in the Asian market.

The Rapid Plus basic configuration consist of the following modules (numbers refer to image):

a. Frame, transport tables, loading stations and product carriers
b. Product carrier closing station (2)
c. Deskinner (4)
d. Carousel for wishbone cutting and scraping (8)
e. Incising units for outer fillet (10) and for inner fillet (16)
f. Static fillet/tender unloader for automatic unloading of half fillets with tenders (17)
g. Carcass unloader (25)

Rapid Plus M4.0 overview

1 Manual loading platform 9 Breast fat rim remover 16 Incising unit inner fillet 23 Keel bone rest meat scraper
2 Product carrier closing station 10 Incising unit outer fillet 17 Static fillet/tender unloader 24 Keel bone cartilage cutting moduler
3 Incising unit for back meat 11 Prescraping unit (PSU) type 1 18 HQ tender harvesting carousel 25 Carcass unloader
4 Deskinner 12 Prescraping unit (PSU) type 2 19 Conveyor tenders 26 Product carrier washing station
5 Deskinner back side 13 Automatic fillet harvester (AFH) tender out product 20 Conveyor back up tenders 27 Wishbone output
6 Back meat harvesting carousel 14 Breast bone prescraper 21 Static tender unloader (back up) 28 Tender tabs output
7 Product counter 15 Automatic fillet harvester (AFH) butterfly tenders in 22 Keel bone top membrane harvester    
8 Carousel for wishbone cutting and scraping          









Back meat harvesting solution
The back meat harvesting solution automatically removes the back meat and back skin from the front halves (3, 5, 6).


Breast fat rim remover solution
The breast fat rim remover solution (9) automatically removes the breast fat rim from the fillet.

Automatic fillet harvesting solution for tender out products
Automatically unloads half fillets without tenders or butterflies without tenders (11, 13).


Automatic fillet harvesting solution for butterfly tenders in
Automatically unloads butterflies tenders in (12, 14, 15).


HQ tender harvesting carousel
The HQ tender harvesting carousel automatically unloads a high quality presentation tender clipped or non-clipped (18, 19, 20, 21).


Keel bone top membrane harvester (22)
The keel bone top membrane harvester removes the membrane on top of the keel bone which is present when producing half fillets.


Keel bone rest meat scraper (23)
The rib and keel bone rest meat scraper removes part of the remaining meat from the side of the keel bone and on top of the rib area.


Keel bone cartilage cutting module (24)
The keel bone cartilage cutting module removes the white cartilage part of the keel bone.


Product carrier washing station (26)
Washes the product carriers while rotating through 180°.


  • Only solution available that can harvest all fillets and tender products automatically at the highest capacity
  • Saving up to 28 FTE per shift
  • Modular design and set-up allows optimization of floor space and TCO
  • Excellent product presentation for wings, fillets and tenderloins
  • Can debone front halves and breast caps with the same concept
  • High yield with both matured and non-matured products
  • Preset touch-buttons for adjusting critical settings during production when product weights change