Rapid breast deboner M4.0

Rapid breast deboner M4.0

Super-convenient speed and efficiency for chicken breast deboning

Designed to give you ultimate convenience and efficiency, Rapid is the Plug & Play version of Meyn’s widely installed automatic Rapid Plus breast deboner. As such, Rapid minimizes installation time and optimizes the footprint/capacity ratio, giving you low total cost of ownership and saving up to 19 full time employees per shift.

Based on the carousel principle, Rapid processes 4,000 front halves or breast caps per hour and is suitable for matured and non-matured poultry. Multiple operating options enable a wide range of end products, with excellent presentation for wings, fillets and tenderloins.

Crucially, Rapid’s preset touch buttons allow you to adjust critical settings effortlessly and instantly, for instance when product weights change.


Automatic Breast Deboning Process

The breast caps or front halves can be supplied in crates, cartons or straight from the cut-up line onto a conveyor belt. Two loading operators take the breasts and load them onto the product carrier, which slowly passes in front of them. Product carriers then take the breasts through a sequence of automated deboning steps.

  • A unique deskinning process removes the skin from the breast. This ensures that a high quality undamaged skin is harvested.
  • The wishbone is cut out of the breast very precisely, resulting in minimum bone contamination and low meat loss.
  • In the same carousel the fillet is scraped loose from the breast cage. The carousel can easily be adapted to perform optimally for matured products or not-matured products.
  • If required, an incising module splits the fillet into two halves.
  • A limited sequence of modules can be integrated to harvest half or whole fillets, with or without tenderloins attached. The configuration is determined by the end product requirements.
  • The keel bone rest meat modules are available to remove as much meat as possible from the keel bone to increase the value of this by-product.

The Rapid breast deboner M4.0 basic configuration consist of the following modules (numbers refer to image):

a. Frame, transport tables, loading stations, product carriers, safety doors and HD stainless steel electrical cabinet
b. Product carrier closing station (2)
c. Deskinner (4)
d. Carousel for wishbone cutting and scraping (8)
e. Incising unit for outer fillet and inner fillet (16)
f. Static fillet/tender unloader for automatic unloading of half fillets with tenders (17)*
g. Carcass unloader (25)
  * not in case manual tenderharvesting platform


Rapid M4.0 overview

1 Manual loading platform 11 Prescraping unit (PSU) type 1 17 Static fillet/tender unloader
2 Product carrier closing station 12 Prescraping unit (PSU) type 2 22 Keel bone top membrane harvester
4 Deskinner 13 Automatic fillet harvester (AFH) tender out product 23 Keel bone rest meat scraper
7 Product counter 14 Breast bone prescraper 25 Carcass unloader
8 Carousel for wishbone cutting and scraping 15 Automatic fillet harvester (AFH) butterfly tenders in 26 Product carrier washing station
10 Incising unit outer fillet 16 Incising unit inner fillet 27 Wishbone output




Automatic fillet harvesting solution for tender out products*
Automatically unloads half fillets without tenderloins or butterflies without tenderloins (11, 13).


Automatic fillet harvesting solution for butterfly tenders in
Automatically unloads butterflies tenders in (12, 14, 15).


Keel bone top membrane harvester (22)
The keel bone top membrane harvester removes the membrane on top of the keel bone which is present when producing half fillets.


Keel bone rest meat scraper (23)
The keel bone rest meat scraper removes part of the remaining meat from the side of the keel bone.


Manual tenderloin harvesting platform **
Two individual height adjustable stands are mounted on the frame after the halving knife to manually unload the tenderloins to maintain the highest quality tenderloins.


Product carrier washing station (26)
Washes the product carriers while rotating through 180°.


* Only 1 automatic fillet harvesting solution can be chosen.


** If the manual tenderloin harvesting platform is chosen, keel bone modules can't be integrated.


  • Saves up to 19 full time employees per shift
  • Plug & Play concept reduces installation cost and time
  • Excellent product presentation for wings, fillets and tenderloins
  • Can debone front halves and breast caps with the same concept
  • High yield with both matured and non-matured products
  • Preset touch-buttons for adjusting critical settings during production when product weights change