WLD whole leg deboner M3.0

Whole leg deboner M3.0

The WLD whole leg deboner M3.0 processes left and right anatomical legs with or without skin at a maximum capacity of 4,200 legs per hour.

Whole leg fillets are produced, with the high quality required by export markets. Alongside significant reductions in labor, an unrivalled high and consistent yield is achievable without troublesome adjustments. All remaining manual activities are fast to learn, easy to execute, and more ergonomic for employees. Processors can obtain outstanding results in a short period of time, and continuity is easily secured.

This whole leg deboning solution uses multiple integrated process steps, which optimally prepare the supplied products prior to deboning. Not only can whole leg fillets of an excellent quality be produced at high yield, but there is also a considerable reduction in the trim operations needed.


  • Highly flexible: handles left and right legs, with or without skin, simultaneously
  • Unrivalled capacity in a compact operation
  • Whole leg fillets of outstanding quality and with best yield in the market
  • Easy to adjust and maintain
  • Saves significant amount of labor
  • Minimal chance of bone fragments