Selective hock ejector

Automatic feet selection system

Direct different quality grades of hocks into the correct processing lines, whilst complying with the latest regulations. All with one fully automated system.

In recent years Meyn has developed the Footpad Inspection System (FIS) to help slaughterhouses comply with regulations in a fully automated system. This includes legislation relating to footpad lesions, as well as the removal of hocks that belong to birds removed at the veterinarian inspection stage in evisceration.

Demand for faster production speeds is making it more and more difficult for human operators to perform at the speeds required. The easiest way to keep up is to add more operators to the production line. This ensures quality levels are maintained, and the expected output achieved, but it increases costs and creates a need for ongoing training to keep up with legislation changes. Variations in grading and data logging also arise, as a result of human interpretation and human error.

In order to address these issues, Meyn has developed an automated Selective Hock Ejector system. Using information detected in the FIS, it can select, per foot or hock, which products should be ejected and directed into specific processing lines. This allows for non-human consumption products to be separated automatically from human consumption.


  • Programmable to adapt to short term demand fluctuations
  • A combination of machines allows for multiple grading opportunities & flexibility
  • Improved yields - removing only left/right or both hocks, depending on camera’s grading
  • Option to eject hocks associated with the products removed at the veterinarian inspection stage in the evisceration departement
  • No need to remove a batch of up to 20 hocks to ensure non-human consumption hocks are removed, as per the product removed at the veterinarian inspection