Opening machine 240

Cutting of the abdominal skin of broilers, breeders, and layers, as a pre-operational step before evisceration. The vent (cloaca) must be cut loose before opening. 


The Opening machine 240 is placed in the EV line’s overhead conveyor 240-degree curve, often directly after the vent cutter. Birds hang in the overhead conveyor shackles, and are guided into the machine’s infeed section their backs towards the centre of the machine. The static infeed guides position the birds into the opening machine’s processing units. 

Birds are held in position by the lower part of the processing unit, and the back support tilts the bird to ensure a proper infeed of the knife guide. Next, the lower (blunt) part of the scissors is guided through the vent hole into the bird, until it rests against the breast bone. This uses a “swivel” movement, so the knife guide enters the bird properly and guides away from the vent. The back support ensures that the bird is pulled back in a straight position to prevent picking up intestines. The upper (crenelated) knife is next lowered, cutting the abdominal skin. Finally, the bird is released from the unit. The processing unit is cleaned after each cycle using spray nozzles. 


  • Patented cutting mechanism - consistent and exact (any bird live weight)
  • Non-wearing cutting blades - clean cuts + reduced maintenance/downtime
  • Spring-loaded safety mechanism - does not break if hard material between knife and knife guide
  • Cuts positioned relative to keel bone (no uncovered breasts)
  • Exact bird positioning for reduced intestine damage
  • All adjustments adjustable during production (curve, back support, guides)