XIX Congreso Nacional Avícola

XIX Congreso Nacional Avícola

05 september - 07 september

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At the XIX.Congreso Nacional Avícola, Meyn will present the latest innovations concerning more yield, low cost of ownership and the highest food quality to the sustainable profits for the Colombian market. Meyn’s specialists will welcome local poultry processors to provide the answers to their needs with a new level of modularity and flexibility in system set-ups such as; the Mags 4.0 automatic giblet harvesting system, the TDS thigh deboning solution M1.0 and next step in breast deboning with the Rapid M4.1.

The  XIX National Poultry Congress will be held from September 5 to 7 at the CENFER Convention Center in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia, with the presence of recognized national and international experts, and more than 2,000 attendees. This interactive exhibition is the ideal scenario to share current issues of the Colombian poultry sector, which constitute a crucial part of the economic and social development of the country. This year for the first time in the history of the Poultry National Congress of FENAVI Colombia there will be a guest country of honor: Holland, where attendees can learn about the innovation leadership, and research of one of the world leaders in poultry farming.


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