15,000 bph @Senpilic

15,000 bph @Senpilic

30 November - At the drawing table

Step by step plant layout design involves cross-functional teamwork to ensure optimization of plant performance. Our experienced sales and product management team have all the necessary product expertise and extensive experience for designing plant layouts that involve high-speed poultry processing lines.

In different regions around the world, Meyn has an impressive track record of poultry processing plants that started from the “Greenfield”. For these “Greenfield” projects the layout design is one of the most important steps as it is crucial for plant performance and thus the customer’s return on investment. Our approach is to make the best possible layout for today’s needs while also taking account of tomorrow’s requirements and possibilities.

A properly designed layout is fundamental for achieving the customer’s business goals, maximize the effectiveness of the production process and contribute to the latest Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) standards. At the start of the 15,000 bph project at Senpilic in Turkey, all plant drawings were optimized by the sales and product management team in consultation with the team of Senpilic, and based on their requirements and market. In addition to this, based on many years of experience and expertise, Meyn layout experts facilitated the customer to minimize future expenses on the building by reserving pre-defined spaces for future expansion. So that, Senpilic can be easily expanded or adjusted to meet changing production needs in the future without re-organizing the lines.

Cees van den Berg, Senior Layout Designer at Meyn, says: “Alongside the customer’s objectives, the layout design itself becomes stricter because of the higher line speeds that are involved with a 15,000 bph project. We have carefully tried and tested new 15,000 bph configurations before launching it on the market. Together with the impressive track record we’ve built since then, Meyn gained knowledge in how the lines react at such high speeds. With this knowledge, Meyn has defined so-called “layout business rules” for high-speed processing lines. These business rules ensure a correct infeed to the machines to avoid instability and inconsistency, minimize machine interference and ensure labor safety.”

Bart Kunst, Regional Sales Manager at Meyn, summarizes: “If you know the challenges that the customer faces, it's much easier to offer them the right solutions. At Meyn, we make sure we clearly understand the customer needs by identifying them at an early stage and staying in close contact with the customer at all times.”


31 October - Press release

Meyn, the market leader in poultry processing, is well known for its reliable equipment at high processing speeds. In response to the rising demand for high-protein food, Senpilic, Turkey's largest chicken producer, has selected Meyn as the preferred supplier for their new Greenfield project in Osmaniye.

Construction activities are on schedule and 80 percent is completed. The new site is expected to be fully operational as of January 2019. Meyn with its Turkish partner is very proud to deliver all equipment – from arrival to deboning - for the first 15,000 bph project in the history of Turkey. The new processing plant includes the first Meyn Rapid Plus breast deboner M4.1, the Meyn Carousel rehanger M2.0, the Meyn Line weigher M2.0 in the region.

The required total investment with a worth of 400 million TL ($65 million) is Turkey’s largest-ever agricultural investment. Initially, Şenpiliç will establish a feed mill with an annual production capacity of 579,500 tons and a poultry processing plant with a daily capacity of 450,000 birds, in Osmaniye Kadirli. At a later stage, hatchery and breeding farms will be added.

Haşim Gürdamar, CEO of Senpilic, stated that the integrated facility creates an ecosystem in an area of 200 square kilometers with 840 farms and 3,500 employees.

Şenpiliç has a turnover in excess of 1.8 billion with the capacity of 320,000 tons chicken meat and a 15 percent market share in Turkey.


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This news series tells the story of Senpilic's greenfield plant built under supervision of Meyn with their 15,000 bph chicken processing lines.

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