Asia’s Largest Poultry Processor

Asia’s Largest Poultry Processor

Fujian Sunner Development limited liability Co. (Shengnong) is Asia’s largest breeder, processor, and supplier of chicken products, providing fresh and frozen chicken for the worldwide fast food industry, food manufacturing, and wholesale meat markets. The company has specialized in the production of white chicken for more than 30 years, processing over 500 million birds annually. A new partnership with Meyn streamlines Sunner’s operation in one of the world’s largest chicken processing plants.

Sunner is a large scale supplier to KFC, McDonald's and many other popular fast food chains across the globe, and with their scale of production expanding, and volume of business increasing exponentially, the company’s requirements for production efficiency and quality keep getting higher and higher. In response to this rapidly increasing demand for their high-quality chicken products, Sunner has recently taken a controlling interest in a poultry processing plant in Qingyang city, Gansu Province. To help manage the rising costs of manual labor jobs in the Chinese market, the latest equipment from Meyn will be integrated into Sunner’s processing line to replace manual work, ensure production efficiency and quality, and reduce production costs. Working as partners, Meyn recommended the new cut-up lines M3.0 and Rapid Plus breast deboner, which will be added to the plant’s processing line to maximize product quality and safety.

In the face of such rapid expansion, it has become Sunner’s mission to improve efficiency and provide safe poultry products to meet the demand for high-quality meats by increasingly discerning Chinese consumers. To implement this strategy the company is committed to bringing state-of-the-art technology and expertise to China, while encouraging rural development through upgrades of the poultry industry. To help accomplish these important goals, they are also turning to more and more automation on the processing line.

In an ever-changing market in which time is of the essence, automatization and the need for hygienic design to help ensure food safety has become even more relevant. Where easy adjustments are required, there is a need for a system that can handle fast-changing demands. This is especially the case in the cut-up process. Mr Ao Qing, Purchasing Manager of Fujian Sunner says, “After doing our market research on Meyn’s production, equipment, quality control, and after-sales support, we were confident that the production efficiency and quality of the Meyn cut-up line could help us meet our growing world’s market demand. We believe Meyn’s continued support of our automatization will be important for the long term and that through the efforts of both companies we will reach our goals. That is the essence of win-win cooperation.”

Noting that deboned meat is now widely used in China as raw material in popular convenience food products, Mr. Ao Qing gives high marks to Meyn’s Rapid Plus breast deboning system. He remarks, “The Meyn equipment complies with our strictest standards of hygiene and combines ease of operation with low maintenance. We checked the machines at Meyn’s demo and training center closely, during our visit, and they proved their key technical advancements and enhanced efficiency. We have confidence that Meyn will prove its potential value. We have already  sent two  technicians to Meyn HQ  to learn best practices in operating the  processing line. With this kind of cooperation, we expect a very good result.”

Since the advent of Agriculture 4.0, as current advances in “digital farming” are being called, processing plants have steadily become more automated, increasing efficiency and food safety. Today’s technology is providing high yields with consistent quality output. Olivier Roelfs, Meyn’s Regional Director of Asia, says, “At Meyn, we are so excited to work with Fuijan Sunner to further strengthen their market leadership, contribute to China's food safety initiatives and bring high-quality poultry products to Chinese consumers.”

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