BoneScan 440 ADX: Food safety combined with ease of operation

BoneScan 440 ADX: Food safety combined with ease of operation

X-ray scanning for bone in unpacked meat products has become a standard requirement for many poultry producers around the world. The application of this highly sensible technology in complex electronic machinery place in a meat processing plant with daily high pressure wash down, is a serious challenge as such. Processors are looking for reliable equipment that is easy to operate, easy to maintain and of course suitable for factory use.

The BoneScan 440 ADX is Meyn’s answer to this challenge. It offers the highest possible bone detection levels for all relevant bone types found in deboned poultry meat, combined with extremely low false reject rates. The result is that virtually every rejected product contains a bone while the approved products are 100% bone free.

With a capacity of up to 300 fillets per minute, the system is capable of processing a wide weight range within one program, making the BoneScan the most practical solution for daily production. The new and improved user interface, the simple calibration routine and the extensive statistics and reporting options, give the BoneScan its cutting edge performance on bone detection.


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